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Can People With High Creatinine Do Exercise

2014-05-28 03:51

Can People With High Creatinine Do ExerciseCan people with elevated creatinine level do exercise? Normally, serum creatinine level is in the range of 0.5-1.3mg/dL. Low creatinine level and high creatinine level both indicate abnormal physical condition.

There are many factors that can increased creatinine level and the most dangerous one is kidney disease. Healthy kidneys will excrete excessive creatinine out of the body, while unhealthy kidneys will cause accumulation of creatinine in your blood. Generally speaking, when creatinine is high enough, the doctors always suggestion dialysis or kidney transplant for you. Therefore, for kidney disease patients, high creatinine level is very dangerous.

We know creatinine is the end product of meat, including muscle. In this condition, strenuous exercise may lead to a sudden increase of creatinine level. However, for healthy people, this high creatinine level can go back to normal range after a period of time, which is because healthy kidneys can discharge excessive creatinine from the body. But once kidneys are damaged, they can not perform as well as a healthy kidneys. Under such circumstance, creatinine building up in the blood cannot be removed timely and efficiently. For this reason, high creatinine level patients are not suggested to do exercise. Of course, it does not mean they should stay in bed all the time.

Taking exercise properly has very significant role in your medical conditions. Exercise can not only enhance immunity, but also promote blood circulation. Wastes like creatinine will block the bloodstream and cause unsmooth blood circulation. A good blood circulation is able to help kidneys to get nutrition and oxygen which helps alleviate renal ischemia and hypoxia. In view of this, mild and proper exercise like Tai Chi, Yoga and swimming as well as walking is good for kidney disease patients.

Although exercise is helpful, it can not lower creatinine level to the normal range. Because exercise does not solve the root problem. That is to say, if people with high creatinine level want to lower it to a normal range, they must to find ways to improve kidney function. Only renal function is improved can elevated creatinine be lowered efficiently.

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