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Does Metformin Have Side Effects on Kidney

2014-05-27 06:49

二甲双胍Can metformin have side effects on kidney? Metformin is a medicine for type 2 diabetes, and is used widely for patients with diabetes. Here we will talk about side effects of metformin on kidney, hoping useful and helpful for you.

When patients with diabetes take metformin, metformin residual is always removed from body through urine by kidney function. Thus, if kidney function has some problems, metformin residual can not be removed from body, leading to deposition of metformin residual in body. In this case, lactic acidosis can be resulted in at last, which can cause many symptoms like slow heart beat, cold or fever, short breath, mental problems.

Thus, if patients with diabetes have kidney problems, they should avoid eating metformin in daily life.

In addition, taking metformin in the long run can lead to kidney failure, digestive disease, diarrhea, etc.so, despite of no kidney problems, patients with diabetes should not rely on metformin in the long term.

As a consequent, we can know that metformin has side effects on kidney, doing harm to kidney function. Patients with kidney disease need to take much notice of it in daily life, and must consult doctors before eating it or any other medicines.

Chinese medicines can be a good replacement of metformin, and it has almost no side effects on patients. Chinese medicines can promote blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, lower high blood pressure and regulate systems in body. What is more, it can do much good to kidney, improving kidney function a lot.

In a word, patients with kidney disease should avoid metformin and they can have a try of Chinese medicines to treat diabetes and kidney disease, which can help them get good results.

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