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Is Yoga Good For Kidney Ailment

2014-05-27 00:51

Is Yoga Good For Kidney AilmentYoga is important as yoga is able to regulate the normal and effective functions of the kidneys. Yoga provides natural cure for kidney diseases. Well then how does yoga cure their kidney disease naturally?

People with kidney diseases can do yoga sitting at their home and cure their kidney disease naturally. What are benefits of yoga pose for kidneys?

1. Yoga helps in regulating the functioning of the kidneys and maintaining good health of kidneys.

2. Surya Namaskar is a yoga exercise that improves the health of your digestive system, heart and lungs. It is good for kidneys and should be done twice a day.

3. Dhanurasana can strengthen your kidneys and prevent urinary tract disorders.

4. People doing yoga needs to apply abdominal breathing, which is helpful for regulating blood pressure and make people calm down.

Although yoga has benefits for kidney diseases, it does not mean all kidney disease people are suitable for yoga as Yoga poses need us to have twist, back bends or some other more difficulties postures. For this reason, patients with polycystic kidney disease, kidney cyst or kidney stone had better not take yoga. One is because it may be difficult for them to do some yoga posture, and the other is yoga poses can cause kidney cysts burst, leading to kidney pain and infection.

In a word, yoga is good for kidney health, but patients also need to choose exercise according to their own medical conditions so as not to cause deteriorating kidney function.

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