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What Stage Of CKD Is With 40% Kidney Function

2014-04-16 03:32

What Stage Of CKD Is With 40% Kidney FunctionWhat chronic kidney disease (CKD) is with kidney function 40%? According to Glomerular Filtration Rate(GFR), CKD is classified into 5 stages. For 40% kidney function, the GFR is 30-59mL/min/1.73m2. It is the third stage of chronic kidney disease.

Stage 3 CKD is a moderate reduction in GFR. Deteriorating renal function needs rapid assessment.

1. how to manage of stage 3 CKD?

Management of CKD is to identify individual at risk of progressive renal disease, and reduce associated risks.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular events

Risk of cardiovascular events and death is increased by the presence of CKD. The risk of cardiovascular death is much higher than the risk of taking dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Focus on progressive factors for kidney failure

There are some factors that can speed up stage 3 CKD to kidney failure. Pointers to progression of renal disease are: proteinuria, hematuria of renal origin, declining GFR.

2. What does kidney function 40% mean?

Kidney function 40% means your kidneys have been damaged moderately and in stage 3 chronic kidney disease, it is a progressive kidney stage. With the kidney function reduction, patients may suffer from high blood pressure, bubble urine, fatigue, swelling, skin itch, poor appetite, hematuria, protein in urine and so on.

3. How to stop its progression of stage 3 CKD?

Stage 3 CKD still has a great chance to be recovered if effective treatment is adopted. In this regard, we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an external application therapy and its main ingredients are traditional Chinese herbal medicines. The herbs first are micronized and then wrapped into two bags. Two bags are put on the patients’ back where the kidneys can absorb the ingredients fully and directly with the osmosis fluid and osmosis machine. The herbs have the function of repairing kidney injured cells and stop further kidney damage, protect remaining kidney function as well as improve kidney function. In this way, accompanying symptoms can be alleviated and patients will feel better.

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