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Can Patients with Kidney Disease Get Pregnant

2014-03-23 15:08

Can Patients with Kidney Disease Get PregnantMany female patients with kidney disease are very concerned that if they can be pregnant. Is it dangerous for patients with kidney disease to have a baby? Here we will discuss about it and give you a satisfied answer.

We need to know what effects kidney disease can have on pregnant patients.

Kidney disease has bad effects on results of pregnancy, and pregnancy can cause further kidney damage in turn. This is because when females with kidney disease are under pregnancy, abdominal cavity can be enlarged, affecting kidney area. In this way, renal plasma can elevate with GFR increasing, and proteinuria occurs very commonly. As a consequent, we can know kidney disease is closely associated with pregnancy.

Then on what conditions can females with kidney disease be pregnant?

In general, patients with end stage kidney disease are not suggested to have a baby, because so many wastes and toxins deposit in body. In this case, if they are pregnant, there are much pressure put on kidney, leading to further kidney damage. Moreover, it is very life threatening, and cause abnormalities, abortion, stillbirth of fetus.

For patients with kidney disease whose disease conditions are well controlled, they can have a baby. But remember that it is very important and necessary that they must follow doctors’advice. And they need to pay much attention to the following points:

First, they should not take some medicines by themselves, and they should take medicines with doctors’permission.

Second, compliocations and symptoms of kidney disease need to be under control, becasue some complications can be life threatening.

Third, diet in daily life need to be taken care of, which can help alleviate kidney disease and lower the risk of diseases.

In a word, if patients with kidney problems want to have a baby, they should take it into consideration carefully and consult doctor in detail. If you want to know more information about kidney disease, you can leave us a message and our online doctors will be very glad to help you.

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