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Prognosis of CKD with Renal Function 18%

2013-09-17 14:11

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is featured with progressive renal function decline.The most concerned issue for the patients is that what will happen next.How is the prognosis of CKD with renal function 18%?

It is hard to predict the prognosis of CKD with renal function 18% as it is affected by variables. Some patients may live a normal life with stable condition.However, some patients may develop Kidney Failure and have to start dialysis in a short time.Then how to improve the prognosis?

Control the causes of kidney damage

There is a variety of conditions and diseases which can impair kidneys like high blood pressure,Diabetes,autoimmune disorder etc.If these conditions can be treated effectively,it can slow down the disease progression.

What is the cause of kidney damage in your case and how to control it? Consult with our online doctor for an answer!

Treat the associated complications

Complications can worsen the prognosis of CKD significantly.As only 18% renal function is left,the patients can experience a host of complications like cardiovascular disease,heart disease,infection etc,in which heart disease is the leading death cause for the patients.

Pathological type

Pathological type is a major factor in affecting the prognosis of CKD with renal function 18%.For example,the patients with minimal change disease (MCD) have a better prognosis than those with focal segmental glomerular sclerosis (FSGS).


Treatment plays the most important role in affecting the prognosis of CKD with renal function 18%.Conventional treatments only focus on controlling the symptoms, but they can not cure CKD.

To improve the prognosis fundamentally, besides stopping renal function decline, another important part is to improve renal function. If the current renal function 18% can be improved, the patients will certainly be able to live a longer and better life.Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can help the patients attain the treatment goal.

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