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Which Kidney Patients Are Not Allowed To Have Sex

2017-01-10 06:57

Which Kidney Patients Are Not Allowed To Have SexAll kidney patients are concerned about such a question that whether they can have sex or not. Many patients consult us this question. In this article, we will discuss this topic with you.

Is sexual life allowed among kidney patients?

Actually most of kidney patients are allowed to have sex. Sexual life does not cause damage on kidneys directly. Thus, moderate sexual life does not aggravate your kidney condition especially for patients with good kidney function. If patients are only in inflammatory reaction period, it is not a problem for them to have sex.

Which kidney patients are not allowed to have sex?

1. Uremia patients

Because lots of creatinine will be produced by muscle movement and can not be excreted from your body, serum creatinine level will increase further and threaten other organs.

2. Malignant hypertension

If your hypertension is over 80/100mmHg, you are not allowed to take any strenuous exercise such as sexual life.

3. Cysts

Kidney cysts or PKD are easy to get burst. This is very dangerous and cause acute kidney failure. Sexual life is not allowed.

4. Patients with active illness

If your urine protein and occult blood relapses frequently, you are not allowed to take sexual life. Because your condition is in active period, at this time your kidney is weakest and you should avoid damage to renal parenchyma.

5. Urine Tract Infection (UTI)

Kidney disease will increase the risk of UTI especially for women patients. Sexual life at this time will worsen infection.

What benefits can sexual life do for kidney patients?

If your kidney disease is in stable stage and you have a good kidney function, it is good for you to have a moderate sexual life. Sexual life can improve your blood circulation, increase detoxification ability and improve internal environment of your kidneys. Also sexual life can invigorate health effectively because sexual life can improve your immunity. This is very important for kidney patients. More importantly, sexual life can promote family harmony.

The frequency of sexual life for kidney patient is one time a week. Each time should not be over 20 minutes.

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