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How to Prevent Catching A Cold for Kidney Patients

2016-09-24 08:05

How to Prevent Catching A Cold for Kidney PatientsAutumn is coming in China. A lot of people catch a cold. For kidney patients, catching a cold may add insult to injury. In this article, let’s have a quick look at how to prevent catching a cold for kidney patients.

What dangers can getting a cold do for kidney patients?

If kidney patients catch a cold or respiratory tract infections, it will trigger immune reaction in body, damaging kidneys. Therefore, frequent cold may make your disease worse. Besides, virus infections can cause relapse of kidney disease. If you have a cold, the medications you take may impair your kidneys severely, because they put extra stress on kidneys. In general, on the day or the day after you catch a cold, your kidney disease will come back and get worse. Acute nephritis may appear after 10-14 days’ cold. Its main symptoms are swelling and blood urine. Not a few people find they have kidney disease when they catch a cold. Therefore, in the autumn, kidney patients should prevent cold.

Nursing cares you should do to prevent catching a cold.

-You should see weather forecast to know the temperature changes timely. Put on clothes once it becomes cold.

-You should pay attention to your diet. To eat more fresh vegetables and fruits high in vitamins.

-To do some exercises moderately to increase your resistance to cold. And you should also relax yourself and have a good rest.

-To keep positive emotion. Negative emotion can weaken your immunity, increasing your risk of catching a cold.

What tests you should after catching a cold?

If your catch a cold with kidney disease, you should go to hospital to do some tests, including blood pressure test to see whether it increases or not; urine tests to see whether there is elevation of WBC and NEU, existence of protein and blood; blood tests to see whether there is change in serum creatinine level.

Precautions you should take when you eat medications for cold

-Old patients, patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, glaucoma, or prostatomegaly with difficult urination, patients with lung disease and so on had better consult doctor before taking medicines.

-If you drive a car, plane, ship or do some other machine operation work, you should not take anti-cold medicines that have sedative effect.

-If you only have sneeze, blocked nose, running nose without fever, sore muscle and headache, you had better not use anti-cold medicines that are analgesic-antipyretic in case of allergy. If you have fever, when the temperature is higher than 38.5℃, you should choose medicine that are analgesic-antipyretic. For children, when the temperature is higher than 39℃, antipyretic medicine should be used. If there is obvious headache, sore muscles and joint pain, analgesic-antipyretic medicine should be used.

-If there is bacteria infection, you should take antibacterial medicine under the instruction of doctor.

-During the course of taking anti-cold medicine, do not take Chinese patent medicine that are tonic.

-Avoid drinking alcohol with analgesic-antipyretic medicine.

-To drink more water and urinate often. To increase urine output. To avoid over tired.

How to prevent catching a cold for kidney patients? Now you get a clear mind. If you still have any questions on kidney disease, please feel free to contact us. We are a kidney disease specialized hospital. We can help you repair kidney damage and improve kidney function.

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