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Is Aloe Vera Juice Good for Patients with Kidney Disease

2012-12-02 11:59

Aloe vera for kidneyAloe vera is a clear liquid derived from the leaves of Aloe barbadensis plant. Kidney disease means the damage on kidneys which can be caused by many causes. As for the consumption of Aloe Vera juice on treatment of kidney diseases, there have been many pros and cons, which you can learn from the following passage.

How does Aloe Vera work?

Aloe Vera contains many nutritive substances. The Aloetin is a strong anti-inflammatory substance which can kill such bacteria as Fungi, mold, viruses, etc, and suppress or eradicate the development and reproduction of pathogens. In addition, the bradykinin enzymes in Aloe Vera can function to resist inflammations, especially its polysaccharide content can enhance resistance to diseases such as chronic Nephritis, Bronchitis and other chronic inflammations.

In addition, the vitamins and polysaccharides help to moist and whiten skin. The isocitrate calcium has cardiotonic effects and helps to accelerate blood circulation, soften sclerosis arteries and lower blood cholesterol levels, thus beneficial for reducing heart workload, maintaining normal blood pressure levels and clearing the toxins in bloodstream. Besides, Aloe Vera also functions to improve immunity and protect people from tumors.

Is Aloe Vera good for patients with kidney diseases?

In a study published in the “Indian Journal of Experimental Biology” in 2004, it indicated that laboratory animals with Diabetes induced kidney disease who received Aloe had improvement in kidney disease as compared to another animal group that didn’t receive Aloe treatment, with the result indicating protective effects of Aloe against kidney damage produced by Diabetes.

In a report published on the “American Journal of Kidney Diseases”, a case of patient who was hospitalized with kidney failure after taking Aloe Juice was reported. The patient slowly recovered his kidney function after several weeks of kidney dialysis. This suggests the toxic effects of Aloe and the Aloe juice may possibly make kidneys even worse.

Aloe Vera is cold in property and bitter in taste, and as is analyzed from Chinese Medicine theory, is not suitable for patients with weakness in spleen and stomach, and those with cold physical constitution. Kidney disease patients usually have Yang and Qi deficiency, so excess use of Aloe Vera may cause some adverse effects.

Patients with kidney diseases are suggested to avoid using Aloe Vera on them own for their own health. To avoid toxic effects, it is necessary to consult with your primary care physician before supplementing with Aloe Vera products.

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