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Good and Bad Foods For Kidney Patients

2017-03-26 06:53

Good and Bad Foods For Kidney PatientsLiving habit also affects your kidney condition. Patients always consult us what they can eat and what they can not. The following will give some suggestion for kidney patients.

1. What foods are bad for renal patients?

Foods with high sodium, high fat, high protein, spicy foods and fried foods are not good for kidney patients. Because these foods are easy to workload your kidneys, worsen your condition and lead to infection. Besides, some foods and medicines with renal toxicity are also bad for kidney patients including carambola, tripterygium wilfordii, caulis akebiae, radix aconiti kusnezoffii, fish gall and ibuprofen, etc.

2. What diet principle should renal patients follow?

Eat more vegetables and fruits

The intake of vegetable and fruits should be low in potassium. Because high potassium level in renal patients can cause cardiovascular disease. Generally speaking, high potassium vegetable and fruits include banana and spinach.

Choose low fat dairy products

Dairy products are the ideal food to provide calcium. It is best for patients to drink a cup of pure milk every morning. If phosphorus level is high, you had better reduce the intake.

Reduce the intake of red meat

Common red meat include beef, mutton, dog meat and pork. Beef, mutton ad dog meat should be avoided by kidney patients. Pork intake should be limited. Chicken and fish meat can be eaten so as to avoid metabolic wastes accumulating in your body.

Choose plant oil instead of blended oil

Most plant oil contains lots of unsaturated fatty acid which can protect your cardiovascular health. Had better not eat animal oil. The saturated fatty acid in animal oil can lead to blood lipid disorder.

Renal patients can also spread this healthy information to the family members. Let’s prevent chronic diseases together especially kidney disease.

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