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Is Honey Good For Kidney Patients Or Not

2015-11-29 03:29

Is Honey Good For Kidney Patients Or NotIs honey good for kidney patients or not? This question is a question put forward by a kidney patient. He has suffered from kidney disease since two years ago. He follows a strict diet plan. Now he wants to know if honey good for him.

Honey is considered to be one of the best natural remedies for sore throats, coughs and general cold symptoms. If kidney disease patients eat honey in moderation, it can get some health benefits:

1. Improve sleep quality

Due to itchy skin and frequent urination at night, kidney disease patients often suffer from poor sleep quality. Eating honey at bedtime will promote higher quality sleep for people suffering from insomnia.

2. Regulate blood sugar

Its exact combination of fructose and glucose actually helps the body regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetics can eat honey moderately.

3. Boost immune system

Raw, organic honey is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which protect the body from bacteria and boost the immune system. To improve your immunity, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of honey to warm water daily.

4. Prevent heart disease

Heart disease can worsen kidney disease. Flavonoids and antioxidants in honey help reduce the risk of heart disease and reducing further damage on kidneys.

Besides, honey also increases calcium absorption, increase hemoglobin count and prevent anemia caused by nutritional factors. While honey has so many health benefits, it does not mean all honey is good for all kidney patients. You should eat honey according to your own physical condition. Besides paying attention to your diet, medical treatment is indispensable. In the treatment of kidney disease, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can repair injured kidneys and improve kidney function. As long as kidney function is improved, you can live a high quality and longer life. If you are interested in Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, you can leave us a message below or consult our online doctor directly. It is our pleasure to help you.

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