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Which Food To Boost A Kidney Patient

2015-09-18 09:30

Which Food To Boost A Kidney PatientThe kidneys are important body organs that help your body in waste removal, urine production and blood processing. When kidney function is affected by injuries, infections or kidney diseases, the body become unable to filter waste and blood products properly. Thus, proper food is important to boost kidney function. Well then, which food can boost a kidney patient?

1. Protein

Diseased kidneys often fail to properly remove protein from your waste. A reduced protein diet can improve kidney health and reduce the workload on your kidneys. Protein is necessary for healing from kidney diseases. You can choose foods with modest protein amounts such as rice, soy milk, low protein nuts or pasta, legumes, lean meat, fish and egg whites.

2. Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits contain powerful antioxidants, which prevents infections and boosts immune system. A low potassium diet is recommended if your potassium levels are excessive. Apples, berries, plums, cabbage, yellow squash and zucchini are low potassium foods.

3. Sodium for kidney patients

Foods with large amounts of sodium can increase blood pressure and blood pressure is one of the leading causes of kidney disease. Thus, in kidney disease, strict blood pressure control is very important. This means that if a person has a failing kidneys or his kidneys are not working 100%, he should be very careful about his sodium intake and should maintain his blood pressure. These high sodium foods to avoid include salt, all types of frozen meats, corned beef, fast food, cheese, soy sauce and all types of canned soups.

4. Phosphorus restriction for kidney patient

When kidneys are healthy and kidneys are working they will balance the amount of phosphorus in your body. Phosphorus decreases the ability to absorb calcium from the diets to the body. However, when kidneys are damaged, they will fail to eliminate this in the urine so phosphorus will increase in the blood. This high phosphorus will stop calcium to be absorbed. Foods with high phosphorus need to be avoided or limited by a person with kidney problem. High phosphorus foods needed to be avoided are milk. Start learning to use a milk substitute which may be artificial prepared milks, beans, black eyed peas, nuts, chocolate, yogurt and desserts prepared milk.

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