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Can Blueberries Be Good For Chronic Kidney Disease With Creatinine 8.6

2015-05-09 02:48

Can Blueberries Be Good For Chronic Kidney Disease With Creatinine 8.6Blueberries offer huge health benefits from boosting brain health to battle UTIs. We all know Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) often have elevated creatinine level. The most concerned thing is what they can eat. Creatinine 8.6 is much higher than normal creatinine range. Can blueberries be good for CKD patients with creatinine 8.6?

Blueberries are healthy fruits for people with kidney disease. Renal disease patients eat blueberries can get the following health benefits:

1. Fight heart disease

Heart disease currently is the leading cause of death in kidney disease patients. High blood pressure, high blood sugar and obesity are some of the common conditions that lead to increased risk of heart disease. Blueberries may reduce the risk of heart disease due to their high content of anthocyanins.

2. Enhance immune system

Diseased kidneys will weaken your immune system. Blueberries contain tons of vitamin C which can provide a healthy immune system.

3. Alleviate constipation

Rich fiber in blueberries keep away constipation. Constipation is a common symptom of kidney disease so patients are allowed to eat blueberries for constipation.

Blueberries are good for kidney disease patients. But it is far from to lower creatinine 8.6 with blueberries. To decrease high creatinine level, we need to repair kidney damage and improve renal function. Only in this way high creatinine level can be reduced from the root. In addition, dialysis sometimes is necessary to discharge creatinine out of the body quickly. Because this strives time for you to look for alternative and effective ways to treat renal disease from the root cause. Any question, please leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly.

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