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How Do Kidney Disease Patients Supplement Protein

2015-05-01 02:49

How Do Kidney Disease Patients Supplement ProteinMost kidney disease patients suffer from kidney dysfunction so when consuming protein, they must focus on lightening kidney burden. Well, how do kidney disease patients consume protein?

Generally speaking, plant protein like bean products, yolk and other high protein food should be eaten less or avoided. Kidney disease patients had better choose high protein drinks which is easy to be absorbed like milk.

Milk contain rich carbohydrate- milk sugar which is able to promote gastrointestinal motility, adjust gastric acid and secretion of digestive gland as well as promote the calcium absorption. Milk sugar in milk is not too much, which will not result in the fluctuation of blood sugar. Therefore, even if you are a diabetic nephropathy patient, you can also drink a bag of milk every day.

There is all kinds of essential amino acid and protein structure is similar to body’s protein, which is beneficial for the absorption and utilization. The amount of high quality amounts to 80% of total protein.

Kidney disease patients have limited protein intake so they should not limit calories intake strictly. The amount of fat in milk is 2%-3.2% and milk contains rich calories so it is easy to be digested and absorbed. It is suitable for kidney disease patients. If patients drink milk regularly, patients’ dry skin and yellow hair can be alleviated.

In the late stage of chronic kidney failure, patients often suffer from swelling, oliguria and other symptoms so they should limit water intake strictly. Milk contains much fluid so patients should pay attention to milk intake so as not to worsen swelling.

In common case,kidney disease patients drink 250ml milk every day, eat an egg without yolk and eat about 60g lean meat. Protein intake for renal disease patients is proper.

What you should pay attention to is tofu, bean products and other plant protein will increase kidney burden and worsen the deterioration of kidney function. In summary, protein intake should match with kidney’s excretory ability.

The above is just general suggestion for kidney disease patients. We recommend patients get in touch with our doctor. Doctor will make a diet plan according to patients’ specific conditions.

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