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Are Pistachios Good for A Renal Diet

2014-12-30 16:50

Are Pistachios Good for A Renal DietA renal diet should provide the essential nutrients your body needs to maintain its normal function, while reducing the production of waste products and protecting kidney function. Pistachio is a kind of nut, which does not only taste delicious, but also has many health benefits. Are pistachios good for a renal diet?

Health benefits of pistachios

-Pistachios is a rich source of vitamin B6.

*Vitamin B6 is essential to make hemoglobin, the protein responsible for carrying oxygen though the blood steam to cells. When your kidney function declines, the kidneys can not secrete enough EPO to make red blood cells and then its amount declines. Regularly pistachios intake helps you relive anemia.

*Vitamin B6 also helps maintain the health of lymphoid glands, such as the thymus, spleen and lymph nodes, ensuring the production of white blood cells that defend the body from infections and other diseases.

-Pistachios reduces your risk of heart disease.

Heart disease is the common cause of death for kidney patients. Pistachios can reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. Antioxidants in pistachios such as vitamin A and E can fight inflammation, protecting blood vessels and reducing risk of disease.

-Prevent diabetes

If your kidney disease is caused by diabetes, pistachios are a good choice for you, because it aids glucose tolerance.

Are pistachios good for a renal diet?

Because of its various health benefits, you may want to include them in your diet on a regular basis. But pay attention to its intake when your kidney function has declined. Because pistachios are packed with rich potassium and phosphorus. The damaged kidneys can not remove them from the blood timely. High potassium level makes you have weak muscles, slow heart beat, etc. And high phosphorus level causes skin itch. For more information about renal diet, please contact online doctor.

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