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Are Tofu Bad for Person with Low GFR and Elevated BUN

2014-12-12 03:50

Are Tofu Bad for Person with Low GFR and Elevated BUNWhen diagnosed with kidney disease, many patients are confused about what they should eat and what they should avoid. Tofu is very common to see in the daily. Are tofu bad for person with low GFR and elevated BUN?

Health benefits of tofu

-Our body needs protein to maintain its normal function. Tofu is a great source of protein. And this protein is complete protein, which can satisfy the need of our body.

-Heart disease is the main cause of death for kidney patients. Tofu consumption helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol level so as to reduce your risk of heart disease.

-Bone disease is a common complication of kidney disease, because low kidney function affects the absorption of calcium. Tofu is high in calcium, which can help you prevent bone disease.

If you have low GFR and elevated BUN, you should limit the intake of tofu.

Tofu contains all the essential amino acids our body needs, but you should limit the intake of tofu if you have low GFR and elevated BUN. Urea is the waste product of protein metabolism. When your GFR is low, urea and some other protein waste build up in the blood, leading to elevated BUN. In this case, if you eat a lot of tofu, it will worsen azotemia and increase the workload of kidneys so as to speed up kidney damage. But it does not mean you can not eat tofu. How much tofu you can eat depends on your kidney function.

Besides tofu, you should pay attention to other food high in protein, such as lean meat, egg white, fish, poultry without skin, milk, etc. A good diet does not only provide the essential nutrients for your body, but also helps you fight against the disease. If you would like to know more information about kidney disease diet and treatment, please feel free to contact online doctor or send emails to kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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