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Does Goji Help Kidney Problems

2014-11-29 16:15

Does Goji Help Kidney ProblemsGoji is a nutrient-rich Asian fruit made up of antioxidants, vitamins, folate, fiber and minerals. Goji berries and goji berry juice increased vision, kidney and liver function. Goji does help kidney problems.

Goji is a healthy diet for kidney disease patients.

The goji berry is a powerful antioxidant tonic that nourishes the kidney system and removes wastes from the body. By enhancing kidney function, it can reduce the amount of stress that would be placed on the organ because it can remove wastes and toxins from the body such as urea, ammonia, drugs and toxic substances. Besides, its antibacterial properties also hep kidneys to resist damage from oxygen free radicals and other toxins that can accumulate in the body because of poor renal function. Oxygen free radicals can lead to damage if kidney function is compromised. Excessive alcohol, abuse of illegal and legal drugs and smoking can compromise kidney function. Therefore, kidney disease patients should avoid alcohol, smoking and renal-toxic drugs.

In addition, goji berries can be used for “kidney yin deficiency”. If keens are weak, legs are weak, or these’s vertigo, these are all considered kidney problems. When people are tired, we use goji. Moreover, goji berries are effective in supporting kidney function because of their high oxygen radical absorbance capacity.

From the above we can see, goji is good for kidney disease patients. However, you should be very careful if you are taking medication for diabetes or blood pressure. So be sure to consult our online doctor if that is the case.

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