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What Kind Of Juice Is Good For Kidneys

2014-11-27 10:09

What Kind Of Juice Is Good For KidneysChronic kidney disease (CKD) is painful and potentially very dangerous conditions. In your daily diet, you can choose kidney-cleansing fresh juices as a simple preventative measure. The juice should be low potassium or high calcium juice or vegetables. Well, what kind of juice is good for your kidneys?

1. Citrus fruit juice

Drink enough water is one of the most important ways of preventing kidney stones. Citrus juices such as grapefruit or orange juice can prevent kidney stones from forming.

2. Apple juice

Apple juice is naturally low in potassium, which is important for those who suffer from chronic kidney disease. As your kidneys help regulate your body’s potassium levels, a diet with high potassium for those with this condition can cause severe complications. Choosing a low potassium juice is able to make you hydrated without increasing your risk of consuming too much potassium.

3. Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is also low in potassium. It is a nutritious and hydrating juice so that pineapple juice is safe for those who suffer from kidney disease.

4. Blueberries

Blueberries is high marks for nutrition due to natural compounds that can reduce inflammation and lots of vitamin C and fiber. They also contain manganese, which contributes to healthy bones.

5. Cranberries

Cranberries are effective for preventing urinary tract infection (UTI) , because they make urine more acidic and help keep bacteria from attaching to the inside of the bladder. UTI is a severe complication of kidney disease, so it is important for renal disease patients to drink cranberries to alleviate this condition.

The above are super juice for kidney disease patients, containing antioxidants and other health-supporting properties. These juice are good for everyone, not just people with kidney disease.

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