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A Thanksgiving Dinner For CKD People

2014-11-24 02:10

A Thanksgiving Dinner For CKD PeopleThanksgiving day is around the corner. On that day, there will be many delicious food. However, as for chronic kidney disease (CKD) people, they should be very careful about the food they eat. Therefore, what is a thanksgiving dinner for CKD people?

The holiday is sometimes challenging if you are following the kidney diet. But eating right during the holidays is possible. Listed below are some healthy holiday eating tips for people with chronic kidney disease.

1. Avoid high fat items

CKD people should limit high fat items, including fried foods, creamy dishes and casseroles, which can be high in potassium and sodium. Take off the skin from turkey and other poultry foods. If you eat roast beef, you should trim off any excess fat. In addition, when you eat dessert, you can choose a kidney-friendly dessert, such as fruit pie, cobbler, angel food cake, pound cake or lemon meringue.

2. Do not skip meals before a thanksgiving dinner

You may be looking forward to a holiday feast with all the trimmings. But it is not good to arrive at a dinner party hungry. People often eat more when they are very hungry. Before you decide to skip a meal, you can eat a light but wholesome breakfast and lunch to avoid overeating at dinnertime. Eating well-balanced meals throughout the day may stop you from making decisions that go against your kidney diet.

3. Make the right choices at the dinner table

Holiday dinners should not be looked at as an all you can eat occasion, especially for CKD patients. They should look over the buffet ahead of time and make the best choices based on your favorite foods and your kidney diet prescription. Ask your doctor or our online doctor about what you can eat and what to avoid when you go to a holiday gathering.

4. Use kidney-friendly substitutions for your meals

If you cook your own thanksgiving dinner, you should use healthy recipe substitutions for your kidney diet dishes. For example, fruit packed in syrup is replaced by fruit packed in juice; oil is replaced by unsweetened applesauce; sugar is replaced by other low calorie sweetener.

Any question about diet on holiday, feel free to ask our online doctor or leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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