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Are Chia Seeds OK To Put In CKD Patients’ Drink

2014-09-16 01:58

Are Chia Seeds OK To Put In CKD Patients’ DrinkChia seeds are small white or black seeds. Many research studies have been done to prove the health benefits of chia seeds. One of the best things of these seeds is that they are extremely nutritious. As for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients, they are eager to know if chia seeds are ok to put in their drinks. The following will tell you whether CKD patients can drink chia seeds.

Generally speaking, it is ok to put chia seeds in your diet. We here provide five reasons to prove this.

1. Combat diabetes

Diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes is one of leading factor of kidney disease. Therefore, diabetes prevention and blood sugar balance are important for lowering your risk for type 2 diabetes.

2. Bone health

Diseased kidneys usually cause low calcium, so patients usually have bone problems. Chia seeds have 18 percent of the recommended daily intake for calcium, which contributes to preventing osteoporosis and other bone problems.

3. Get rid of the toxins

Damaged kidneys cannot remove toxins from the body. Many toxins will pile up in the body, which can cause further kidney damage. Chia seeds can get rid of some of toxins from the body. This will alleviate further kidney damage to some extent.

4. Reduce inflammation

Kidney disease patients should pay attention to inflammation carefully so as to prevent easy relapse. Chia seeds is able to reduce inflammation. In this light, it is ok to put chia seeds in your drinks.

5. Improve sleep quality at night

Muscle pain, itchy skin and frequent urination all makes patients have a poor appetite. Some research shows that it can allow you to have a best rest during the night.

It should be used in normal quantities, and some side effects are found if they are used in extremely large quantities such as lower the blood pressure too much. Besides, patients with high phosphorus level should not eat too much chia seeds. Chia seed is high phosphorus which can lead to irregular heartbeat, heart attack and even stroke. If you want to have your individualized diet, you had better consult our online doctor. Our doctors will tell you whether you can eat chia seeds or not according to your own medical conditions.

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