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What Foods to Eat with Low GFR

2014-09-10 07:09

What Foods to Eat with Low GFRLow GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) means low kidney function. Under such a condition, we need to make diet changes, so as to protect residual kidny function. So do you know what foods we should eat with low GFR? If no, please read on to find related information, so as to make an effort to avoid or delay dialysis.

1. You can eat some foods with high quality protein

Foods with high quality protein are recommended because they can provide our body with necessary nutrient and meanwhile add less burden on kidney. In addition, although foods rich in high quality protein like milk, lean meat, fish and egg white are good for kidney, you need to limit the intake of them if your GFR is low, because high protein consumption will increase kidney burden and worsen kidney condition.

2. Low sodium foods are also recommended when GFR is low

Kidney is in charge of electrolyte balance. Low GFR means low kidney function which can cause electrolyte disturbance like hypernatronemia, so foods low in sodium and sodium-free foods are recommended. To limit sodium intake strictly, low-salt diet is necessary, which needs us to avoid salted foods, processed foods and meanwhile add less salt while cooking.

3. High calcium foods

When GFR is low, high calcium foods like cabbage, instant oats, green turnip, low fat cheese, cooked okra, and broccoli help us prevent renal bone problems which can cause symptoms like bone pain, bone fracture, bone weakness and even osteoporosis.

4. Foods high carbohydrate

Carhohydrate provide our body with energy, which can help to reduce protein consumption. The end product of protein is urea nitrogen which needs to be excreted out of the body through kidney, so eating foods high in carbohydrate helps to reduce kidney burden and this is beneficial for kidney.

We need to follow on a strict diet plan when GFR is low, but what foods we can eat and can not eat depends on the exact kidney condition. You can describe your illness condition to this email: kidneycares@hotmail.com. Our nephrologists will reply you with personalized diet plan without 24 hours.

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