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Is Vitamin D Good for Kidney Disease

2014-08-31 07:51

Is Vitamin D Good for Kidney DiseaseVitamins are essential nutrients that your body needs to work properly. Is vitamin D good for kidney disease? The answer is certain. Kidney patients often suffer from vitamin deficiency.

Why kidney patients have vitamin D deficiency?

We mainly get vitamin D from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. But ultraviolet radiation increases the risk of skin cancer, so people spend few time to expose to sunshine. Therefore, not only do kidney patients have vitamin D deficiency, but also other people have.

What role does vitamin D play in our body?

-Increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and keep the right level of them in the blood.

-Promote the growth and bone calcification.

-Stimulate the intestinal wall to absorb phosphorus and stimulate the renal tubule to reabsorb phosphorus.

-Keeping the right level of citrate

-Prevent amino acid losing from kidneys.

-Maintain a healthy immune system and may protect against heart disease and cancer.

What is the relation between vitamin D and kidney disease?

Kidneys is responsible for turning vitamin D into its active form to balance calcium and phosphorus in your body by controlling the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the food you eat and regulates parathyroid hormone (PTH). When kidney function impairs, there is not enough activated vitamin D to control calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood, as a result, PTH is out of range and then your body full calcium out of the bones to put it in the bloodstream. That is why kidney patients often have bone pain and weak bones. What is worse, too much calcium in the blood may deposit in soft tissues, leading to calcification. If the heart becomes calcified, blood flow may become slow, which could cause a heart attack. If the lungs becomes calcified, you will have difficulty breathing. If your joints are calcified, it can cause extreme pain.

Therefore, if kidney patients have vitamin D deficiency, they should supplement some activated vitamin D to suppress PTH production. Besides, they should treat their kidney disease aggressively to improve kidney function so as to regain their ability of activating vitamin D.

In our hospital, there are many Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies, such as feet bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Mai Kang. With systemic treatment, you can restore part of kidney function. And then all the above problems disappear. For more detailed information, please leave a message below or send emails to kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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