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What Foods Should You Avoid When Protein In Urine is High

2014-08-04 06:58

What Foods Should You Avoid When Protein In Urine is HighHigh protein in urine is a condition where there is high concentration of protein molecules found in urine. Under normal circumstances, there should not be much of protein in the urine, because the filtration mechanism of the kidneys keep most of protein in the body. Thus, the presence of large amounts of protein in urine is an indication that there is some kind of kidney disease. Therefore, for patients with high protein in urine, they are very worried. Apart from medical treatment, they also want to find a dietary therapy.

Dietary factors play an important role in managing kidney disease and its complications, so it is imperative to consult your doctor or our online doctor for advice on how you should change your diet. Usually once people have kidney disease and accompany protein in urine, the following food should be avoided.

1. Animal protein

Animal protein is high quality but hard on the kidneys. Therefore, you may need to limit them in your diet. In that case, you can choose soy protein rather than animal protein. Researches have found that soy to the diet appeared to reduce proteinuria and improve renal function overall.

2. High sodium intake

If you have kidney problem, you often need to water your sodium intake, as it may help reduce protein in urine. In addition, low sodium intake is also good for people with high blood pressure or swelling.

3. High blood sugar food

It is important to keep your blood sugar under control if you have proteinuria. It is said that consistently high blood sugar damages kidneys and then worsens protein in urine.

4. Foods with high phosphorus and potassium

Once kidneys are damaged, people usually have high phosphorus and high potassium in their blood. To prevent further kidney damage, foods with high phosphorus or potassium should all be avoided.

Space is limited here, so if you want to know further and detailed information of kidney diet, you can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online experts directly.

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