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Pepino Melon Fruit: A Health Diet For Kidney Disease People

2014-07-21 01:43

Pepino Melon Fruit: A Health Diet For Kidney Disease PeopleThe pepino melon fruit has a taste like the melon, banana and pineapple mixed together. It has cosmetic and ornamental properties. However, pepino melon fruit is know to be useful for medical properties.

With its medical functions, pepino melon fruit is good for kidney disease patients’ health condition.

Known to be useful for diseases:

1. Diabetes

If you have an illness history like diabetes, you should take it seriously. Diabetes is one leading factor for chronic kidney disease (CKD). Prevention of diabetes also helps reduce the risk of CKD. Pepino melon fruit is useful for diabetes.

2. Lower creatinine level

Diseased kidneys cannot discharge excess creatinine from the blood, thus causing high creatinine level. One way to reduce creatinine is to take diuretics which can drain some wastes from the blood through urine. Pepino melon fruit has diuretic properties, so it has some helps for lowering creatinine level and other waste substances.

3. Ease anemia

Anemia is the most common complication of kidney disease. Apart from iron injection, diet treatment is also necessary. Pepino melon fruit can relieve anemia.

4. Adjust genetic disorders

Genetic disorders can lead to serious conditions like polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Regulation of genetic disorder can reduce the risk of PKD to some extent.

5. Stomach discomfort

Stomach discomforts like stomach pain, constipation and loss of appetite are also experienced by kidney disease patients. Stomach discomforts can be alleviated by pepino melon fruit.

Pepino melon fruit can be a healthy diet for kidney disease patients. However, we cannot say all kidney disease patients can eat pepino melon. If you want to know whether you can eat it or not, you can send your test reports to kidneycares@hotmail.com or leave us a message below.

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