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Is Cabbage Good For Kidney Disease Patients

2014-03-31 10:25

Is Cabbage Good For Kidney Disease PatientsAs we all know, fruits and vegetables are beneficial for our body health. Cabbage is one of the nutritious vegetables. And the doctors suggest that kidney disease patients should eat cabbage as it is good for their medical condition and slows down the disease’s progression. Then we will tell you the benefits of cabbage as follows.

Cabbage has the following healthy benefits, thus kidney disease patients can eat it moderately.

1. Rich vitamin C in cabbage

Cabbage contains rich vitamin C. It can not only enhance your body’s resistance to inflammation, but also alleviate constipation which is a common symptom or complication in patients with kidney disease.

2. Low potassium

Kidney disease patients should follow a low potassium diet due to their electrolyte disorder. Low potassium diet avoids aggravating heart problems, like heart irregularity and heart attack.

3. Less sodium in cabbage

Kidney damage will retain water in your body, causing swelling in face, eyes, ankles or any part of your body. Also kidney disease patients often have high blood pressure. Due to these two reasons, patients need to follow a low salt or sodium diet so as not to worsen swelling and high blood pressure.

4. Abundant copper and manganese

The content of copper and manganese in cabbage is high. These elements have a significance in improving the function of central nervous activity and promoting the hematopoiesis. Thus, it is helpful for relieving anemia.

5. Reduce excessive cholesterol

The pectin in cabbage is able to discharge excessive cholesterol level. Controlling high cholesterol level does not only reduce the risk for heart diseases but also avoid renal diseases.

From the above, kidney disease patients are allowed to eat cabbage. However, it does not mean all patients can eat it and eating it excessively. Overtaking cabbage and other foods is also bad for kidney disease patients. Thus, you should consume proper amounts of cabbage according to your medical condition. If you have any doubts, feel free to consult our online doctors or leave us a message below.

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