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How To Improve Kidney Function Through Diet

2014-03-28 13:46

How To Improve Kidney Function Through DietIn recent years, more and more patients suffer from kidney disease. Once it occurs, your daily life will be much affected. It has many principles for what you can do and what you cannot do. The most common is diet limitation. As for diet restriction, its purpose is to avoid worsening your medical conditions and do improve kidney function through diet. Then how to improve kidney function through diet? The following will introduce a plan to improve kidney function through daily diet.

1.Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are able to improve kidney function. Such fruits can be found in grapes, cranberries, blueberries; vegetables include onions, celery, beets, spinach, string beans and asparagus. Also patients with kidney disease should make sure the fruits and vegetables you eat are low in potassium, otherwise it may worsen your illness conditions and cause a series of complications like heart irregularity, heart attack and stroke.

2. Vitamins contribute to kidney function.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, helps to regulate kidney function and may play a role in treating kidney disease. Vitamin D also helps prevent kidney cell death, reports the review. Boost your vitamin D intake by consuming dairy products, fortified soy milk, salmon and sardines.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C also improves kidney function. As an antioxidant vitamin, vitamin C protects your cells from cellular damage which is able to increase your risk of disease, including kidney disease. Thus, as a kidney disease patient, you should get enough vitamin C each day by eating fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables like pineapples, red pepper and grapefruits.

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 is able to prevent kidney stones which refer to formation of crystals within the tubules of the kidney. In this way, kidney function might be maintained by preventing kidney stones.

3. Calcium and potassium

Calcium and potassium are also beneficial for kidney function. The podocyte cells in your kidneys rely on both calcium and potassium to help control blood filtration. Besides, these minerals help determine the size of your kidney filters, so your body can decide whether to constrict the filter to keep chemicals in your bloodstream or widen the filter and allow chemicals to pass into your urine. However, for kidney disease patients with high potassium level in their blood, they should not eat high potassium foods.

The above are just common suggestions for kidney disease patients. Maybe they are not suitable for every kidney disease patient. Thus, as for your specific condition, you had better leave your medical report to kidneycares@hotmail.com and then we will make a diet plan to improve your kidney function.

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