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A Low-Potassium Diet in Chronic Renal Insufficiency

2014-01-02 15:10

Potassium is a vital mineral in body.An adult needs 2.5 g potassium a day. More than 80% of the potassium in body is filtered out of body by kidneys.In chronic renal insufficiency, glomerular filtration rate (GFR) decreases, potassium can not be eliminated from body adequately, thus resulting in accumulation of potassium in body, resulting in hyperkalemia.As hyperkalemia can cause many harms, it is important for the patients to keep it under control. Therefore, a low-potassium diet is required in chronic renal insufficiency.

Adverse effects of hyperkalemia

Hyperkalemia in chronic renal insufficiency can cause a host of adverse effects. Irregular heartbeat, myasthenia,muscular soreness commonly occur. In serious case, the respiratory muscle can be affected, thus affecting the normal breath. In addition, high levels of potassium can even cause acidosis.

A low-potassium diet for chronic renal insufficiency

To keep the level of potassium in blood at a standard level and prevent the adverse effects, a low-potassium diet plays a vital role.

Generally speaking, meat and bean products are often high in potassium. Some vegetables are often loaded in potassium like seafoods, day lily, spinach etc. In addition, some nuts like peanuts, sunflowers, raisin and some fruits like banana, orange, pawpaw etc should also be limited and even avoided in daily diet. As the patients with chronic renal insufficiency are recommended to develop a low-salt diet, they often use other seasonings to replace salt like low-sodium salt. However, these alternative seasonings are often high in potassium.

The above are some dietary suggestions on potassium consumption for people with chronic renal insufficiency.You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get more suggestions on your diet.

While diet plays a vital role managing chronic renal insufficiency, it is far more enough. To reverse kidney damage, an aggressive treatment is required. Hot Compress Therapy is an effective treatment for people with chronic renal insufficiency.

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