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Vegetables And Fruits For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

2013-08-22 14:02

Vegetables And Fruits For Chronic Kidney Disease PatientsChronic kidney disease is a kidney disorder and refers to the process that kidney loses the ability to keep the balance of fluid, acid-base and electrolyte. For patients with chronic kidney disease, a reasonable diet helps them to control and stop the kidney disorder. Patients need to eat much more vegetables and fruits, less high-fat foods. Thus, they have to know what kind of vegetables and fruits are good for them.


1. Wax gourd: it contains much more vitamin C and higher potassium salt but lower sodium salt. Wax gourd can contribute to lowering high blood pressure and keeping electrolyte balance. Also, it can relieve edema.

2. Rape: it is a low-fat vegetable. And it contains dietary fiber which helps to reduce blood fat. It is a good vegetable for patients with high blood pressure and high blood fat.

3. Tomato: it is rich in nutrients. Tomato helps to reduce blood pressure and treat anemia.

4. Cucumber: eating cucumber can improve the immune function of human body. Also, eating cucumber regulates the level of blood sugar. For fat people, cucumber helps to lose weight.

5. Pumpkin: it offers a variety of vitamins and pectin which helps kidney to discharge toxins. Also, it can reduce high blood sugar and prevent diabetes.


1. Watermelon: in the summer, it is one of the most common fruits. Eating watermelon helps quench one’s thirst. For patients with chronic kidney disease, watermelon can contribute to urinating and relieving the degree of swelling.

2. Apple: as a famous saying goes “ One apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”. Eating apples help to reduce the level of cholesterol and high blood pressure. So eating one or two apples is good for patients with chronic kidney disease.

3. Cranberry: it is good for preventing urinary tract infections and protecting against cancer and heart disease.

4. Grape: eating grapes has lot of benefits, such as relieving fatigue, resisting anemia and relieving edema and so on. Grape is a good fruit for people with chronic nephritis, high blood pressure, swelling, anemia, etc.

In addition, there are many other vegetables and fruits, like cabbage, garlic, cherry and strawberry and so on. Eating them are good for patients with chronic kidney disease. However, eating too much also can damage your kidney. So you have to know how many these foods you can eat. If you have other things unclear, you can chat with us. We are willing to help you.

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