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Diets of Bilateral Renal Parenchymal Disease

2013-03-22 13:58

bilateral renal parenchymal disease dietsBilateral parenchymal disease is not a specific disease. It means that the renal parenchyma in both kidneys are damaged and impaired. Besides proper medicines and treatments, proper diets are very important for patients with bilateral renal parenchymal disease.

Protein-restricted diets

Low-protein diet is advocated for renal parenchymal disease patients. Renal parenchyma can be divided into renal cortex and renal medulla which are the functioning tissues of the kidneys. Therefore when renal parenchyma are damaged, renal functions will be impaired.

Limiting protein intake can reduce nitrogenous wastes from protein metabolism. These metabolic wastes need to be discharged through the kidneys. When these wastes are reduced, burdens and strain of the kidneys will be reduced.

Low-phosphate diets

Renal parenchymal disease patients often have high serum phosphorus and low serum calcium because the damaged kidneys can not remove excessive electrolytes.

It has been found that high-phosphate diet can worsen hyperparathyroidism and cause increased secretion of parathyroid hormones. This will further elevate high blood pressure, exacerbate glucose intolerance, disturb lipid metabolism and worsen renal damages.

Low-salt diets

Renal parenchymal impairments often cause high blood pressure which will inturn exacerbate the already damaged renal functions. Low-salt diet is necessary for controlling high blood pressure and prevent swelling due to fluid and sodium retention.

Low-fat diets

Limiting the intake of fatty foods, control blood lipid levels can help stabilize blood pressure, reduce further renal damages and reduce the risk of developing heart problems.

Quit smoking and alcohol

Alcohol and tobacco are very harmful for those that have renal parenchymal lesions. They can further worsen renal fibrosis and renal scarring and speed up the loss of kidney functions, therefore if you are smoker or drinker, it is very important to get rid of them as soon as possible for the sake of your kidney health.

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