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Overview about Gitelman Syndrome

2012-11-18 16:39

Gitelman Syndrome is a rare kidney problem and marked by hypokalaemia alkalosis. In some causes, Gitelman Syndrome also can be accompanied by hypocalcemia and low blood magnesian. Gitelman Syndrome is usually found in infant because of growth retardation and spam.

Causes of Gitelman Syndrome

Gitelman Syndrome occurs when the function of Na-K-Cl cotransporter (NKCC) decreases.

Clinical Manifestation of Gitelman Syndrome

1. Hypokalemia

2. Low sodium in blood

3. Hypovolemia

4. Hypocalcemia

5. Hypomagnesemia

6. Growth retardation

7. Spam

How to diagnose Gitelman Syndrome?

Chloride ion removal test and Gene mutation detection are necessary for the diagnosis of Gitelman Syndrome.

How to treat Gitelman Syndrome?

Gitelman Syndrome is a kind of autosomal recessive genetic renal tubular disease, so only potassium and magnesium supplementary treatment is far from enough. We also need to treat renal tubular and try to increase renal tubular condition, so as to alleviate illness conditions. Besides, while patients receiving potassium and magnesium supplementary, patients can apply Antitume to increase the treatment effects.

Gitelman Syndrome is a very rare renal tubular problem. Although it is genetic, we believe as long as we try our best, patient's illness condition can be improved greatly.

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