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Lymphocyte Subsets Reflects the Immune Function

2012-10-13 16:11

Lymphocyte subsets are important indexes which can test the cellular immune and the humoral immune. They generally reflect the organic current immune function and the balance condition. It consists of the following aspects:

1.CD4: CD 4 is assistant T cell and starts immune response by secreting cellular factors.

2.CD8: CD8 is cellular toxic T cell and play the role of distinguishing and submit antigen in specific immune response.

3.B cell: B cells can differentiate into plasma cells and then generate antibody. Also, it can participate immune regulation through presenting antigen for assistant T cells.

4. NK cell: NK cells shorts for natural kill cells and can directly kill the target cells infected by tumor and virus. It plays an important role in the organic immune monitor and early stage anti-infection.

5.CD4/CD8: CD4/CD8 reflects the condition of cell's immune function. If the specific value rises, it indicates overactivity of immune system, but if fails, it indicates immune inhibition.

6. Measurement of blood concentration of cyclosporine: Cyclosporine blood drug concentration test is a very important test for the clinical safety of medication. Generally, if it is less than 200ug/L, it indicates the dosage is not enough and If more than 400 ug/L, toxic effects appear easily.

7. Allergen: Allergen test contributes to the diagnosis of allergic diseases, and it indicates there are allergic materials in the body that get by breath or intake of food.

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