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10 Substances in Your Urine Imply Kidney Problem

2012-10-13 16:11

Through following examinations, we can know clearly whether kidney is damaged and the exact location of kidney damages.

1.Urine - Total Protein (U-TP)

U-TP reflects the total discharge of protein into urine and the reference value is less than 150mg/L. When test report shows higher U-TP, kidney damages should be put into consideration.

2.Urine-Micro Albumin (U-malb)

In normal case, U-malb is less than 30mg/L, and when there is excessive amount in urine, there must be damages on renal glomerular filtration mechanical barrier.

3. Urine - Transferrin (U-TRF)

Early damage of renal glomerular filtration charge barrier should be considered when U-TRF is more than 1.9 mg/L.


Too much urine-IGG (usually more than 8.8mg/L) usually indicates damages in renal glomerular filtration membrane.

5. Urine β2microalbumin(β2-M)

β2-M shows great effects in reflecting renal tubular reabsorption function and in normal condition, it should be no more than 5.8mg/L.

6. Urine α1-microalbumin (α1-M)

α1-M reflects the damage in renal tubular reabsorption and the damage in renal glomeruli as well, which is more sensitive and stable thanβ2-M.

7. α2 - Macroglobulin (α2-M)

Α2-M in urine is the symbol of post-renal proteinurina and blood urine.

8. Urine –NAG

Urine-NAG indicates damages on renal glomerular epithelial cell due to inflammation.

9. Urine –GGT

Urine-GGT also indicates damages on renal glomerular epithelial cell due to inflammation, especially caused by immune disorder.

10. Urine –Osmotic Pressure

Urine –osmotic pressure indicates the concentration function and dilution function of renal distal tubules.

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