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9 Substances in Blood Indicates Kidney Damages

2012-10-13 16:12

Kidneys pass out certain waste products from our body, and when there are kidney damages, these wastes pile up in the blood. Thereby, by means of testing the amount of these substances, we can get a general understanding about kidney function.

Substances in the blood that could reflect kidney function are generally divided into three classes, which go as follows:

Small molecule toxins

1. BUN, which is short for blood urea nitrogen, can reflect the renal glomerular filtration function as well as whether dialysis is thorough and complete.

2. CR(creatinine), similar with BUN, also helps to learn about renal glomerular filtration rate, but it is more specific than BUN.

3. UA(urea acid), the end metabolin of purine, usually increases after renal function declines or gout occurs.

Middle molecules toxins

1. BMG( β2 microglobulin), will rise after renal function declines or there is tumor. It can lead to amyloidosis.

2. CycC, ideal endogenous substance which can indicates the damage in renal filtration function. It has particular advantages in children and kidney disease patients who are under dialysis. It can also lead to amyloidosis.

3. PTH(parathyroid), the rise of which in kidney disease patients always indicates renal bone disease.

4. IL-6(Interleukin 6) is an important index which can indicate acute inflammation and mild inflammation. According to studies, It is commonly related with complications of kidney disease like uremic anemia, malnutrition, and cardiovascular complications .

Toxins which combine with protein

1.RBP(Retinol Binding Protein). Similar with creatinine, RBP increases as well when kidney function is impaired, but it rise earlier. Therefore, we can detect out kidney problem more timely by testing RBP rather than creatinine.

2. HCY(Homocysteine) is the independent risk factor of cardiovascular disease, whose rise can lead to lesion in heart and blood vessels.

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