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Leading Causes of CKD

2012-11-09 10:56

CKD is the abbreviation of Chronic Kidney Disease and refers to the progressive loss of kidney function. It is life-threatening and can be caused by many conditions. Knowing well about the causes of CKD is helpful for preventing this disease, so here we give an introduction about the leading causes of CKD.

1. Diabetes

Diabetes is marked by high blood sugar level and one of the fatal complications of it is Diabetic Nephropathy, a kind of chronic kidney disease. Diabetic Nephropathy causes kidney failure directly and according to clinic statistics, about a half of dialysis patients in America is diabetic. As the leading causes of CKD, Diabetes has deprived many patients’ life, so preventing CKD in advance is very essential for diabetics.

2. Hypertension

Hypertension is marked by high blood pressure which causes no damages to our body within short term. However, once condition of high blood pressure lasts for a long time, CKD will be caused. CKD caused by Hypertension is called Hypertensive Nephropathy in clinical and it usually occurs after the diagnosis of Hypertension for 5 to 10 years. Besides, people with poor control of high blood pressure are more likely to suffer from kidney problem.

3. Genetic disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a kind of CKD and it is genetic disease. Therefore, people with parents suffering from Polycystic Kidney Disease should go to hospital regularly, so as to control it well. Besides, although PKD is a genetic kidney problem, not everyone with PKD gene will definitely suffer from it. A good living habit is very important for preventing or slowing down the occurrence of Polycystic Kidney Disease.

4. Other diseases

Aside from the above three diseases, some other diseases also can cause CKD like Purpura, Lupus, Kidney Stone, Renal Duplication and kidney infection and so on.

Kidney is the essential organ of our body and once it is damaged, we can not live normally. Therefore, preventing CKD in advance is very important for us to live a high quality life.

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