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The Reason Of Low Fever In Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-06-21 06:45

The Reason Of Low Fever In Chronic Kidney DiseaseLow fever is often to be seen in chronic kidney disease (CKD). To find the reason, it is helpful for seeking prompt medical care to control it. Well that what causes CKD patients to have low fever?

What causes low grade fever in CKD?

Fever often accompany infections and are part of your body’s natural defense against them. A low grade fever occurs as a symptom of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions like IgA Nephropathy and Lupus Nephritis. Also it can occur as a side effect of some medications.

Why patients are prone to have infections?

Kidney disease patients usually take long term of immunosuppressive agents. These drugs not only suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys, but also weaken immune system. With low immunity, patients easily get infected.

In addition, proteins in our body help prevent virus, bacteria from invading our body. However, in some conditions of kidney disease, people will have overflow proteinuria. Consequently, the patients’ immunity will decline and bacteria and virus will attack our body. Infection also occurs in this case.

Low grade fever occasionally causes serious medical conditions such as difficulty breathing, severe pain, seizure or rapid heart rate. From this aspect, improving your immunity is vital. We recommend a natural herbal medicine to replace immunosuppressive agents to enhance immunity. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is such an effective therapy. It can prevent inflammation and improve immune system by absorbing active ingredients in herbs. Besides, this therapy can delay the deterioration of kidney disease and prevent further kidney damage as well as improve kidney function. When kidney function is improved, the kidneys can work on their own and relative symptoms are also alleviated such as proteinuria, blood in urine, anemia, high blood pressure and fatigue, etc.

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