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Statins: Side Effects On Kidney Problems And Creatinine

2014-05-19 08:11

Statins: Side Effects On Kidney Problems And CreatinineStatins are primarily a treatment for high blood cholesterol levels. If left untreated, high cholesterol can lead to a variety of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke. Although statins are generally considered to be safe, there are some specific risks related to the long term use of statins.

Long term use of statins will lead to some side effects which can result in kidney disease or worsen kidney conditions as well as elevate creatinine level.

The following side effects of statins affects more people:

1. Muscle pain and muscle weakness

Muscle pain and muscle weakness are two main side effects of statin drugs. People with kidney problem should heed this warning when taking this drug because in extreme cases the side effects of statins can be fatal.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is a leading cause of kidney disease. Diabetes is a side effect of statins. People with kidney disease need to control diabetes so as not aggravate their condition. From this aspect, they should consult online doctor face to face before taking statins.

3. Fatigue

Fatigue is a common symptom of anemia due to kidney function deficiency. People take statins may become more fatigue and weakness.

4. Rhabdomyolysis

There is a risk with statins of rhabdomyolysis, or skeletal muscle injury, which causes increased creatinine level. Besides, due to rhabdomyolysis, the reduced kidney function associated with statins can present but it is not life-threatening. If there is severe skeletal muscle injury, some of the compounds that are released from the damaged muscle can go on to damage the kidneys. What’s more, in severe cases of rhabdomyolysis, people might even need dialysis and the damage can be permanent.

Statins are not safe medications for kidney disease. If you are looking for some safe medications, you can have a try of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which helps lower creatinine and alleviate kidney symptoms fundamentally.

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