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What are Normal Blood Sugar Numbers

2012-09-23 16:49

What are normal blood sugar levels? In human body is insulin, a kind of hormone produced by pancreatic cells which carries glucose into human cells. Diabetes is characterized by relative or absolute insulin insufficiency, thus causing high levels of glucose in bloodstream. If one is suspected as Diabetes, blood sugar testings will be performed for the diagnosis. Those diagnosed as Diabetes need to keep their blood sugar numbers within targeted range so as to reduce risks of diabetic complications. The following introduces several main types of sugar tests associated with Diabetes and their normal numbers.

Fasting blood glucose levels

The person who prepares to do the test should not eat 8 hours before the test.

Normal range of fasting blood sugar level: 3.15~6.19mmol/L

Fasting blood glucose 6.19 to 6.7 mmol/l will diagnose pre-Diabetes. People in this group have increased risks of developing into clinical Diabetes. If a person has a fasting blood sugar test result higher than 6.7mmol/l, a repeated test will be ordered to confirm the diagnosis.

Two-hour postprandial blood glucose

The test is done two hours after meals.

Normal range of two-hour postprandial blood glucose is less than 7.8mmol/l. Levels of blood sugar higher than 11.1mmol/l are diagnosis criteria for Diabetes. Testing results between 7.8mmol/l and 11.1mmol/l are referred to impaired glucose tolerance. Pre-Diabetes, or impaired glucose tolerance should be treated by controlling body weight, regular exercise and healthy eating habits to stop the condition from becoming clinical stage of Diabetes.

Oral glucose tolerance testing (OGTT)

To do OGGT test the patient is instructed to fast for 8-12 hours prior to the tests. Usually, the patient will need to drink sweet liquid which contains 75g of glucose within 5 minutes. Blood sugar tests will then be performed every 30 to 60 minutes. 2 hour OGTT sugar number in healthy individuals is below 7.8mmol/l. Levels between 7.8 and 11.1 will indicate impaired blood sugar tolerance, or borderline of Diabetes. Levels higher than 11.1mmol/l will be diagnosed as Diabetes.

Hba1c testing

Hba1c is a combined product of hemoglobin in red blood cells and blood glucose. It will reflect average blood sugar reading for the past two to three months. Hba1c test result ≥6.5% is a criterion for the diagnosis of Diabetes. For people with Diabetes, higher a1c level means indicated risks of Diabetic complications such as cardiovascular diseases, nephropathy, retinopathy, etc.

The above introduces blood sugar testing and their normal numbers. If you have an impaired sugar tolerance, it is time to take action and reduce your risks of Diabetes. If you are a diabetic and has had poor blood sugar controlling, you may need to talk with doctors and make necessary changes now. For related information, you may also leave us a message.

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