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How to Alleviate Proteinuria in Amyloid Nephropathy

2012-09-26 15:41

One of the early symptoms of amyloid nephropathy is proteinuria (protein in urine) and it can be the only symptom of renal damage and can last for several years. The proteins leaked in urine are mainly large molecular and the severity vary from + to +++.

The renal damages are caused by the deposition of amyloid protein in the kidneys. These amyloid fibers can deposit at any part of the kidney and it may cause severe damages to the glomeruli thus causing protein leakage in the urine which will in turn further aggravate renal damages. The kidneys will become smaller and harder resulting in changes of kidney structure and decline of kidney functions.

Proteinuria needs proper and timely treatments or it will lead to nephrotic syndrome and later end stage renal disease. Once nephrotic syndrome occurs, the illness will progress rapidly.

The direct cause of proteinuria is the deposition of amyloid in the kidneys and the root cause are abnormalities in the immune system, disorders of protein metabolism as well as denaturation and degradation of connective tissues. During these processes excessive amyloid fibers are formed and they have low solubility in the body and they will deposit in the tissues and organs causing their compression, atrophy and dysfunction.

Therefore effective treatments should have the following functions of eliminating the amyloid deposition in the kidneys as well as other organs, inhibiting or at least slowing down the formation of more amyloid fiber, alleviating renal damages and recovering renal functions.

Since the root cause is the disorders in the immune system, it is a good choice to adopt the immunotherapy which is based on the immunology. Immunotherapy is the combination of Chinese therapy and western therapy and it has inherited both their advantages. It uses the immunosuppressant to eliminate the deposited amyloid in the kidneys and prevent further formation and then Chinese herbal medicines are used to regulate the disorders and imbalances in the body so as to help improve kidney function and enhance the immunity. Once the kidney functions is improved, the protein can pass through the glomerular filtration membrane and enter into the urine so that proteinuria will be eliminated.

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