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Clinical Symptoms of Amyloid Nephropathy

2013-01-03 01:19

Amyloid Nephropathy, also can be called Renal Amyloidosis, is a kind of renal disorder caused by deposition of amyloid-like substance in renal tissues. Symptoms of Amyloid Nephropathy varies from individual to individual with the progression of disease. But all of them will finally develop to kidney failure without timely control.

At the very beginning of Amyloid Nephropathy, patients may have no symptoms at all because of the strong compensatory function of kidney.


With the progression of Amyloid Nephropathy, proteinuria appears. Proteinuria is the major symptom of early stage Amyloid Nephropathy and can be regarded as the only index reflecting kidney damages. Protein in urine in Amyloid Nephropathy are mainly big molecule protein and the severity of this symptom differs greatly.

Nephrotic Syndrome Symptoms:

In some cases of Amyloid Nephropathy, patients have Nephrotic Syndrome symptoms, referring to proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, swelling and hyperlipemia. For these patients, they usually have no any clinical manifestations and with the occurrence of Nephrotic Syndrome, their disease develops quickly. Therefore, for these sufferers, regular physical examination is very necessary to learn their illness condition in time.

Frequent urination:

Amyloid Nephropathy may involves in renal tubule which has reabsorption function. Damaged renal tubule becomes unable in reabsobing fluids and nutrition filtered by glomeruli. In this case, large amounts of fluids are excreted and frequent urination occurs.

Renal insufficiency:

Progressive loss of kidney function is the characteristic of many chronic kidney diseases, including Amyloid Nephropathy. As Amyloid Nephropathy progresses, kidney function declines. Decreased kidney function fail to maintain patient's normal life, as a result of which, symptoms of poor appetite, high blood pressure, fatigue and swelling and many others appear gradually.

Extrarenal symptoms:

Aside symptoms we mentioned above, Amyloid Nephropathy also causes some extrarenal symptoms and they are heart failure, arrhythmia, hemorrhage of digestive tract, intestinal obstruction and so on.

All the symptoms of Amyloid Nephropathy occur because of kidney damages, so if sufferers want to get them controlled, it is necessary to repair kidney damages, so as to recover kidney function. As long as kidney function well, everything will go back to normal. However, as we can not bring the dying back to life, what we can do at present is to controlling these symptoms effectively and then remove root causes away to protect healthy and damaged renal tissues from further damages.

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