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Prevention Knowledge about Amyloid Nephropathy

2012-10-13 09:08

Amyloid Nephropathy can be divided into primary and secondary ones and their treatments and prognosis vary a lot. Males that are above 40 and have unexplained massive proteinuria, enlargement of tongue, heart, liver, spleen and kidneys should go to the hospital and have early diagnosis for timely and effective treatments.

Amyloid Nephropathy is caused by the deposition of amyloid in the kidneys and the early stage is characterized by proteinuria, hematuria and nephrotic syndrome in clinic and in the end stage it can lead to renal failure. Its incidence is related to region (it is more common in the Europe than in Asia with Portugal, Netherlands and Israel have the highest incidence), eating habits (the diet contains more casein ingredient), chronic infections and inflammations, age (it usually occurs to people that are over 40 and it is more common among the male than the female) and long term dialysis.

Compared with other glomerular diseases, Amyloid Nephropathy has relatively poor prognosis and the main causes of death include heart failure, arrhythmia, stroke and renal failure. Therefore knowledge about the prevention for Amyloid Nephropathy is very important.

To know how to effectively prevent Amyloid Nephropathy, we need first know the risk factors.

The predisposing factor of Amyloid Nephropathy is amyloidosis which may be a hereditary amyloid disorder or secondary to other medical conditions.

1. Family history of amyloidosis is one important risk factor. In such case, genetic counseling can help patients with hereditary amyloidosis and their family members.

2. Some certain infections (tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, rheumatoid and leprosy), cancers (multiple myeloma and other malignancies) or long term dialysis can cause amyloidosis and therefore they are also risk factors of Amyloid Nephropathy.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol and eating hot and excitant foods.

4. Have regular exercises to help build up physical strength and enhance immunity. Since the immune dysfunction is one root cause of its attack, therefore treatments and preventions that can help regulate immune disorder and improve immunity are all conducive for the patients.

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