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Diet Principles for Amyloid Nephropathy

2012-09-20 17:35

Amyloidosis is a systemic disease which can involve all the organs. Amyloid can deposit in the vascular wall of all organs and tissues and the kidney is the most commonly involved organ. The renal lesion caused by the deposition of amyloid substances is called amyloid nephropathy.

The incidence of amyloid nephropathy is related to many factors among which diet is one important aspect. The diet principles for amyloid nephropathy are light, high-quality protein, limitation of water and salt, avoidance of cold, acid, sweet foods and animal internal organ.

There are certain foods that they should avoid.

1. Alcoholic beverages including sweet wine and coke.

2. Beef, mutton, vinegar, corn, sweet potato, bamboo shoot, chillies

3. Vegetables that bear yellow flowers such as potatoes, balsam pear, towel gourd, cucumber, etc (watermelon and white gourd can not be eaten)

4. Preserved egg and sulphurous drugs.

Since its clinical manifestation is mainly nephrotic syndrome---massive proteinuria, edema, hyperlipidemia, hypoalbuminemia, patients often suffer from malnutrition due to loss of plasma protein in urine; therefore the protein intake is very crucial. When patients have not developed into renal failure, high-quality protein should be given such as fish and meat (1-1.5g/kg/day) and this can help alleviate hypoalbuminemia, edema and other complications. In the end stage amyloid nephropathy will progress into renal failure and in such condition too much protein intake will speed up glomerular sclerosis and further increase protein leakage, therefore they should have low-protein diet (0.65g/kg/day). Besides, patients should pay more attention to supply vitamins, calcium and trace elements and limit the intake of salt and fat.

The pathogenesis of amyloid nephropathy are immune dysfunctions, disorder of protein metabolism or degeneration decomposition of connective tissues, therefore patients can have some foods that can help improve the immunity such as cabbage, almond, malt, low-fat yogurt, garlic, spinach, tea, broccoli, etc. One more thing needs to be noted that these foods may not be suitable for everyone because different patients have different constitutions and illness conditions, therefore do ask for your doctor's advice and permission and establish the diet and recipes that are customized for you. 

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