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How Is Alport Syndrome Inherited

2012-10-18 10:51

Alport Syndrome, also can be called hereditary nephritis, is a genetic kidney problem. As virulence gene in X chromosome, hereditary rule is related with gender, Now, let's have a look about how Alport Syndrome is inherited.

1. If a mother has Alport Syndrome, then both her daughter and son have the possibility of developing this disease and her children have the same risk.

2. If a father has Alport Syndrome, his daughter will definitely suffer from this disease, whereas his son will be free from it.

As female has higher risk of developing this disease, so for a family with Alport Syndrome, female patients usually is more than male patients. However, as for the illness condition, male patients always has a more serious illness condition than female patients.

In clinic, male patients usually have different symptoms from female patients. According to clinical investigation, male inherited with Alport Syndrome usually experience persistent microscopical blood urine and for female, they are more likely to have intermitted blood urine. Besides, for 10% to 15% female patients, they may never have blood urine symptom. Another difference between male Alport Syndrome patients and female Alport Syndrome patients is about proteinuria. Proteinuria is a necessary symptom of male patients which usually is manifested as microalbuminuria in the beginning and then massive proteinuria due to the deteriorated kidney condition. But for female patients, they usually have mild kidney damages, so they usually live a longer life compared with male patients.

Alport Syndrome is a hereditary kidney problem, so it is hard for us to cure it completely. For a man with Alport Syndrome, to have a healthy child, he should avoid marrying a female patient and also, avoid giving birth to a daughter. Alport Syndrome is single-gene disorder, so as long as we know clearly the hereditary rule, we can have a healthy baby.

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