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What Is The Life Expectancy Of Alport Syndrome

2014-03-24 15:54

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Alport Syndrome Alport syndrome is a form of genetic disease involving a mutation which affects a person’s ears, eyes and kidneys. There is no cure for this disease, so many people are concerned about the prognosis and want to know how long they can live with alport syndrome.

Actually, there is no exact answer to tell you how long you can live with alport syndrome, as many factors may affect the prognosis. And what we can do is to improve the prognosis and live longer than expected. Before getting to the point, let’s firstly have a comprehensive information about alport syndrome.

What causes alport syndrome?

Alport syndrome is triggered by a mutation in a gene for a protein in connective tissue referred to as collagen. While this disorder is uncommon, it affects men greatly. Women can transmit the gene for alport syndrome to children. Besides, some risk factors can also lead to alport syndrome, including nephritis, glomerulonephritis, family history of alport syndrome and end-stage kidney disease in male relatives.

What symptoms will happen after you experience alport syndrome?

At the early stage of alport syndrome, you will not experience any symptoms. What follows is the progressive destruction of your glomeruli, which is able to lead to blood in urine and decrease the effectiveness of their kidney’s ability to filter appropriately. In this case, you will experience a progressive loss of kidney function, as well as accumulation of wastes and fluids in your body. For women with alport syndrome, they are commonly milder or no symptoms at all, while the symptoms in men are generally more severe and worsen at a quicker rate. The symptoms may include cough, blood in urine, abnormal urine color, swelling around the eyes, ankle, feet and leg swelling and loss of hearing, more common in male and other symptoms.

How to improve the life span of alport syndrome?

Repair the injured glomeruli: as we mentioned above, the damaged glomeruli will cause declined kidney function, thus causing a build up wastes and fluids in the body. From this aspect, the first thing you should repair damaged glomeruli. In this condition, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be applied to repair kidney tissues. Moreover, it can stimulate the regeneration of kidney tissues and cells to improve renal function. As long as damaged renal tissues and cells are repaired, the relative symptoms will be alleviated relatively.

Besides, control risk factors and symptoms tightly: occasionally, the risk factors and symptoms are more likely to kill people more faster than the disease itself. Thus, for the symptoms of alport symptoms like swelling, blood in urine and abnormal urine color, you should take timely treatment to control them. Dietary modifications, fluid restriction, as well as other forms of treatments are involved.

In a word, awareness of the risk factors and restoration of renal tissues can permit the condition to be detected at an early stage and make you live longer than expected.

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