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Will Kidney Stone Cause Fever

2012-10-18 08:58

will kidney stone cause feverWith kidney stone, you may found you catch low grade fever easily, less than 100.6 degree Fahrenheit. As a matter of fact, kidney stone causes fever directly, and especially when it is combined with infection.

Kidney stone is a common medical condition and refers to there are stone-like substances in the kidney. Small kidney stones can be discharged successfully by increasing fluid intake; however, for these large stones, they may cause blockage of urinary tract. Urine contains various bacteriums and long-term existence of them in our urinary tract or kidney will cause hydronephrosis, urinary tract infection or even ichorrhemia directly. And in such a condition, fever occurs easily.

Besides, kidney stone also can cause kidney damages directly through hydronephrosis or ureteric reflux. Simple kidney stone is not so serious, but once kidney damages are caused, patients should be alert, as they are at high risk of developing kidney failure. Therefore, preventing kidney failure actively is very necessary for kidney stone patients.

Fever is just one of the clinical manifestations of kidney stone and it is usually accompanied with chill. As fever in kidney stone mostly occurs because of infection, patients can take some antibiotic. In addition, if patients suffer from persistent high fever, going to doctor for medical treatment will be necessary.

Lastly, both fever and kidneys tone are common in our daily life, but if we do not treat them properly, they may cause more serious medical condition. Therefore, no matter your kidney stone has caused fever or not, treating it actively is of primary importance for patients to have a good future life.

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