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Is High Fever Associated With Kidney Stone

2014-12-22 08:14

Is High Fever Associated With Kidney StoneMany kidney stones cause no symptoms at all. When kidney stones do cause symptoms, they usually include high fever, flank pain, nausea and vomiting, as well as problems urinating. Well, how does kidney stone cause fever?

1. What is the cause of fever in kidney stone?

A fever usually means that the stone has caused a blockage, and the kidneys cannot function normally. A blocked kidney can become infected, causing a potentially life threatening condition called sepsis. Besides, in some cases, kidney stones can also be caused by bladder infections, in which case a fever may be caused by that original illness. A higher and persistent fever indicates infection and should be evaluated by a physician.

2. What is the treatment for fever in kidney stone?

As we mentioned above, the cause of fever is infection. Therefore, we can treat infection to reduce a high temperature. To control infection, we use antibiotics, painkillers and lots of fluid to prevent infection.

Apart from western medicines for infection, a proper dietary choices may reduce your risk of developing infections. Anti-infection diet include vitamin C-rich foods and vitamin A rich foods. They may help stimulate the production of interferon to prevent infection. They may also help prevent kidney and urinary tract infections. High vitamin C foods include raspberries, mangoes, sweet peppers, tomatoes and oranges. Vitamin A rich foods include broccoli, apricots, kale, tuna, mustard greens, peaches and carrots.

Fever and kidney stone are common in our daily life. If you treat them timely, it is easy to make them under control. However, if left untreated, it will cause serious medical condition. Therefore, no matter kidney stone cause symptoms or not, you should take treatment actively.

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