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What Will Happen With One Stone In Right Kidney

2014-08-05 01:15

What Will Happen With One Stone In Right KidneyWhat are symptoms of a kidney stone? Kidney stones are extremely painful to endure and difficult to self-diagnose unless you know what symptoms to look for. The following are some signs and symptoms of kidney stone trouble.

Kidney stones can be common in some region because of a lot of reasons such as diet habit or the drinking water. If the stone is less than 0.7 cm in diameter, it can be expelled out of body along urine naturally. However, when the stones are big, obvious symptoms will show up. The kidney stone symptoms may include:

1. Colica

The typical symptom is colica, also called renal colica. About 50% kidney stone patients have intermittent pain. Usually, the pain feels like the cutting one which is unbearable. The paroxysmal pain radiates from nausea and vomiting, etc.

2. Hematuria

Hematuria is another common symptom. If it is painful during micturition, there may be microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria, often microscopic hematuria. It can become severe after activity.

3. Urine changes

If kidney stone is affected by infection, there will be urgent urination, frequent micturition and odynuria.

4. Grains of sand-like small stone

There can be grains of sand-like small stone in urine. When these small stones go through urethra, there will be obstruction or stabbing pain.

5. Other symptoms

If secondary diseases occur like Acute Pyelonephritis or acute infection, there may be systemic symptoms such as fever, chills and shivering.

These are the common symptoms of kidney stones, which may be helpful for people who have kidney stones. As delayed treatment can make the kidney stones treatment more difficult, it is necessary for you to diagnose kidney stone early and take treatment early. To help you directly, here we in the first place there is some precaution about diet for you.

Kidney stone patients should limit the intake of high oxalate, high glycollic acid and high calcium food. Spinach, potatoes, beet, asparagus, rape, pickle, potherb mustard, walnut, hazelnut, plum, strawberry, orange, carrot, lime, mushrooms, pears, tomatoes, sweet potatoes are high glycollic acid food. Milk powder is high calcium food. Apart from dietary management, it would be better for you to take a proper treatment. If you want to seek a proper remedy for kidney stone, you can contact our online doctor or email to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will give you a treatment plan according your medical condition.

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