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Is Too Much Spinach Cause Kidney Stones

2012-12-11 10:18

spinachThough kidney stone is a benign renal disease, it can sometimes obstruct the urinary tract, block normal urination and cause renal pain, hydronephrosis and in serious cases can even lead to uremia or tumor, therefore it is necessary to know some prevention measures in our daily life.

There are many types of kidney stone according to its components and it is often classified into four major categories---calcium stone, infectious stone, uric acid stone and cystine calculi.

There are a variety of factors that can cause stones in the kidneys including genetic factor, metabolic factor, infectious factor, environmental factor, diets, anatomical factor and medicines.

Diet plays certain role in the formation of kidney stones. For example too much spinach can increase the risk of developing stones. It has been found in research that every 200g spinach contains 725.6mg oxalic acid. And if a person eat 200g spinach at one time, the oxalic acid discharged in urine after 8 hours is 20-25 mg which amounts to that of 24-hour discharge volume under normal circumstances.

Too much intake of spinach can disturb the absorption of calcium and iron and under some conditions can cause formation of oxalic acid stones in the urinary tract. However this effect is not only caused by spinach, but also the intake of other high oxalic acid foods at the same time such as almond, nuts, cacao, rhubarb and tea, etc. Therefore these foods should be avoided to eat with spinach. Instead drinking adequate water and taking some alkaline foods such as kelp, fruits and vegetables can promote the dissolving and discharging of too much oxalate.

However there is great individual differences because the formation of kidney stones has much to do with constitution and different people vary in the absorption and discharge of certain foods.

For people who have illness history of kidney stones, spinach should be avoided or limited and it is better to leach the spinach to lower its oxalate content. Besides, do not have too much vitamin C.

However too much intake of spinach will not definitely cause kidney stones especially for healthy people, too much calcium oxalate will be discharged so long as daily intake of spinach less than 1000g.

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