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Excessive Calcium Intake Will Cause Kidney Stone

2015-03-07 03:00

Excessive Calcium Intake Will Cause Kidney StoneWhether the elder people or the children, everybody pay great attention to calcium supplements. However, you should know taking calcium too much will workload your kidneys and lead to kidney stones.

Most people like to supplement calcium especially elder people to prevent osteoporosis. In daily life, people not only eat foods with rich calcium but also take some calcium tablet. Besides, foods containing calcium will draw their attention like calcium salt, sesame paste, calcium noodles and calcium drinks. Most people think that the more calcium, the better your health. Experts introduce that excessive calcium intake will put a burden on your kidneys and lead to kidney stone.

Experts point out that calcium is not easy to be absorbed by the body. In particular, when calcium binds with oxalic acid foods, it will form oxalate stone. Once stone is formed, it will deposit in the body and do damages on your body organs.

Kidney is a filtering organ while elder people will have declined kidney function. If there is stone formed, it will deposit in the kidneys and sometimes combine with pelvis and kidney calices. It is difficult to remove stones from the body. However, the existence of stone will affect kidneys and eventually cause kidney damage. Stones in the body will bring many damages for body health.

Elder people drink two cups of milk, eat more dairy products, tofu, soybean, green soya bean and sesame paste as well as other rich calcium foods. Besides, choose a healthy life style and drink less coffee and cola. Do not smoke. These will all reduce the risk of bone loss. What’s more, sunshine and outdoor activities are beneficial for calcium absorption and utilization. As for osteoporosis elder people, they should supplement calcium under the instruction of doctor and keep close to their serum calcium level and urine calcium level.

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