Membranous Nephropathy Questionnaire

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Q1:Do you have membranous nephropathy?
Yes, I have membranous nephropathy
No, my friend, family, or patient has membranous nephropathy
Q2:Is the patient male or female?
Male Female
Q3:How old is the patient?
Q4:How long since membranous nephropathy is found?
Q5:What is the daily protein in urine?
Less than 4g 4-8g Above 8g Do not know
Q6:What is the creatinine level?
Q7:What is the GFR level?
Q8:What symptoms the patient has?
Swelling fatigue poor appetite increased night urination blood clots infection bubble urine
Others symptoms:
Q9:What complications the patient has?
High blood pressure high blood cholesterol nephrotic syndrome acute kidney failure chronic kidney failure
Others Complications
Q10:What kind of treatments the patient has received?
ACEI diuretics immunosuppressant rituximab dialysis kidney transplant
Q11:What information would you like to be given? (please write what you want to know more in the box below)

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