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How To Slow Down The Progression of Kidney Failure

2018-08-25 08:05

How To Slow Down The Progression of Kidney FailurePatients’ positive cooperation with the doctor plays an important role in kidney treatment. Well then, how to slow down the progression of kidney failure?

1. Control the indicators

Here mainly refer to proteinuria, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Indicators are the most common signals for patients to find abnormal body, and also the most concerned place for patients.

Proteinuria is controlled below 0.5g per 24 hours.

The most common therapy is steroids plus immunosuppressants. If it does not work, you need to use the combination of antihypertensive drugs and Chinese patent medicines. If your condition is not so serious, proteinuria can turn negative.

Blood pressure

In early stage, some patients have normal blood pressure. When blood pressure increases, you can take the combination of antihypertensive drugs and Chinese patient medicines. If the effect is not good, other medicines are required.

2. Rational use of medicines

Learn about your medications, their side effects, and consult your doctor about what to watch for and the minimum effective dose. Do not take medicines liberally.

3. Lifestyle changes

Keep low but high quality protein diet. Avoid junk foods. Eat less or avoid spicy foods or seasonings. High quality protein food include meat, milk, and egg white. Meat should not be over 2gram.

Get more vitamins

Take exercise properly

In the stationary stage, that is, disappearance of swelling and relatively stable of blood pressure and urine protein, patients can increase exercise appropriately like walking, jogging, Taichi and Yogo, etc. This can improve your blood circulation and improve your immunity.

Keep a good mood

If patients are pessimistic, it is not easy to control their disease. Patients also do not cooperate with doctor well. However, if patients are positive, they will cooperate with doctor very well and their condition is also easy to be controlled. In summary, mood has a great effect on kidney treatment.

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